Growth strategy of the Contact Center

Contact Center is a company's tribe which uses

it is necessary to reduce the cost of servicing clients of the contact center by improving the interface
we needed to analyze the dispatcher's workflow in the current interface to find points of growth and then improve the user experience
CJM, hypotheses, custdev, craft UX/UI, teamleading
Design team:
Anton (sr. product designer), Nastya (md. product designer), Masha (ux writer), Vika (illustrator), me (head of product design)
CRM, resident's app, employee's app

The strategy of design

At the beginning, we (the CPO, the business customer and me) set goals and came up with a roadmap. We decided to analyze the current dispatcher's workflow and then find growth points. To do this, we decided to hold a workshop

Template of simple CJM

I have prepared a simplified CJM template for the workshop. With its help, we analyzed the operator's workwflow in and we found the growth points

Workshop with a business stakeholders

As a result, we got 3 CJMs: CJM of creating a new ticket, CJM of a consultations and CJM of a confirmation of ticket

Hypotheses and prioritization of features

We wanted to understand which of the functions would give us the best effect. To do this, we calculated how many seconds we would save when using each function

The complexity of the launching and the economic effect

Then we determined which feature we would do first using the parameters: economic effect and complexity of implementation

UX/UI: feature "Ticket's rate by a resident"

So, we chose the first feature. This is feature "Ticket's rate by a resident". Then we analyzed the references and drew a logical feature's diagram

Validation of design

Then we tested different variants of design on friends and chose one of them

Figma and dev. specifications

I have done all the user journeys and prepared the specification for development. Also, I created a task for second designer, so that he would make a new function to the web interface

Design result: CRM & resident's app

Business result: we have increased the dispatcher's work efficiency by 8.2%

What our scoring system was: we had an estimate of the feature in seconds. That is, how much time the operator spends on confirmation of the ticket. After the release of the feature, we calculated how many tickets were auto-closed with the mobile application

CRM, resident's app, employee's app